Member Bios

David French – Drums & Backing Vocals

A drummer since the age of 14, David has played in a variety of bands over the years and thanks to valuable experience performing different styles of music including jazz, ska, rock and pop, he has developed a style all of his own. Employing a simple but effective 5-piece kit, David;s’ drums are the backbone of DakotaLive.

David French


Kevin Shearer – Bass & Backing Vocals

Filling out the bottom end and occasionally venturing to the top, Kevin is the other half of the DakotaLive rhythm section. While often utilizing the bass as a melodic instrument in it’s own right, his aim is to ‘lock in’ with the drums and his experience of performing with David on and off for close to twenty years means that where there’s a beat, there’s a bassline to complement it.


Gary Shearer – Guitar & Backing Vocals

Having been a guitarist since the age of 12, Gary’s broad range of influences serve as a template for the varied set of songs played by DakotaLive. Using a stripped down set-up with no effects allows the guitar to give colour to the sound, and with the use of dynamics and a solid rhythmic backdrop, enables the band to often sound bigger than the 3-piece it is.


David Donnelly-Kay – Lead Vocals

Adding that final touch to DakotaLive is a fantastic vocalist who has travelled far and wide over his many years as a top entertainer and singer. With his wide vocal range David allows DakotaLive to play songs that gives them that cutting edge for a fantastic nights entertainment.


DakotaLive are four individual artists who perform in all aspects of entertainment:

David French - Session drummer and performs with other bands : (Hipshake / Point Blank )

Kevin Shearer - Bass / Acoustic / Solo Vocalist/Guitarist : (Hipshake / Dakota Duo / Solo )

Gary Shearer - Guitarist/Acoustic /Keyboards/ Vocalist : (Hipshake / Summerland )

David Donnelly-Kay – Vocalist / Tribute Act : ( Solo / Tribute / Dakota Duo )


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